• Large bike workshop fully equipped to deal with all aspects of bike maintenance
  • Cytech Qualified Bike Mechanics
  • Open plan workshop so you can see your bike being worked on
  • Our technicians can show you exactly what is being done, where any potential problems lay or repairs are needed
  • Bosch Approved E-Bike Service Centre

About Our Workshop

Our large workshop is always bustling with all types of bike maintenance and repairs being serviced and solved by our experienced team. We always strive to deliver your bike to you as quickly as possible, with all work required being clearly explained along with the price of any work outlined and explained. We guarantee you'll never be presented with a bill for any work without advising you first

Our mechanics are Cytech Qualified, making them some of the best in the business.

Nearly all work is undertaken in house, including most suspension fork and shock servicing. Carbon repair, vintage frame renovation and resprays are all outsourced to trusted services. Our open plan workshop means you can see your bike being worked on and allows our technicians to clearly show you any problems they discover.


Routine servicing will keep your bike in optimum condition and will invariably save you money in the long run. By making sure everything is running smoothly you can avoid undue wear and tear on key components which might be expensive to replace. Our team can check your bike over, clean, tighten, fine tune and lubricate your bike and keep the whole machine in perfect running order.

Standard Service

Our standard service covers a front to back check on all bolts, degrease/re-oil chain and align gears, tighten brakes and generally ensure the cycle is in the best possible condition.

Prices start from: £45.00

Gear Adjustment

Gear Adjustment will keep your bike shifting quickly and smoothly, avoiding unnecessary wear on the chain, cassette and chain rings, and allowing you to concentrate on riding.

Gear adjustment service: £15.00

Supply and Fit an Inner Tube

Got a puncture and not sure how to fix it? Replacing an inner tube can be tricky for the uninitiated, so leave it to us and we'll have you back on the road in no time. We can also supply pram and buggy inner tubes.

Supply and fit a new inner tube: £15.99

Brake Adjustment

A rubbing brake pad can make it seem like you're constantly riding uphill! Making sure your brakes are properly setup is also a massively important safety aspect of riding your bike, ensuring you can stop quickly when required and avoiding any potential accidents.

Brake setup and adjustment: £25

Hydraulic Brake service

Modern hydraulic brakes offer massive stopping power in all conditions, but can be quite complex to work on yourself and frequently requiring specialist tools. We can give your brakes a complete service, bleeding and replacing the hydraulic fluid, replacing worn pads and discs where necessary (quoted for as required) and setting them up to give you the best possible performance and feel.

Hydraulic brake service from: £20

Wheel Build

We offer a full wheel building service allowing you to choose your own hubs, rims, spokes and nipples from the massive range of choices available. Our technicians can talk you through the options, allowing you complete control over the colour, material, look, feel, weight and price of your wheels. We build Hope, Mavic, Stans, DT Swiss, Acros - almost any combination of components! And our expert wheel builders can combine your chosen parts into a pair of beautifully built, tight, reliable wheels.

Wheel Truing

Is your wheel not running tight and true? A wobbly wheel can be a constant nuisance or even dangerous. We can replace any broken, bent or missing spokes and pull your wheel straight again, avoid the need to replace the whole wheel.

Wheel truing from: £10 (replacement spokes and nipples will be quoted for on sight of wheel)

Custom Bike Build

A custom built bike is often the dream of any avid cyclist. Cherry picking components and hanging them from the frame of your dreams can be the culmination of hours of careful deliberation - and Rides on Air are here to help you realise that dream.

The experiences of running our own race team and sponsored riders means we know that the most demanding cyclists require the very best equipment and build quality available; Rides on Air have a proven track record of delivering the very best bikes. From hand built steel and titanium road bikes to the very latest carbon fibre 29er mountain bikes, our team have built them all.

The options are too plentiful to go into here, but if you're interested in a custom build bike then give us a call or drop us an email and we can make an appointment to go through what you're after. We can then provide you with an accurate, detailed quote and a potential delivery date - all without obligation.