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  • Huge selection of accessories from all the leading manufacturers
  • Extensive choice of cycling clothing, including jerseys, jackets, shorts, tights and shoes
  • Helmets from Giro, Met and Kask, including road, MTB, full face and childrens styles

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We stock a wide range of cycling jerseys, cycling shorts, tight and leggings, cycling jackets, gloves and even socks!

Clothing that is cut specifically for cycling can make a big difference to your comfort on the bike. Our staff can advise you on what is right for your needs, taking the guesswork out of what to buy.


A lot of cyclists like to use specific shoes and pedals, which actually allow the shoe to clip onto the pedal (confusingly, known as "clipless" pedals!) and disconnect when required. This gives the maximum amount of power transfer and allows you to pull as well as push the pedals.

We stock cycling shoes for road, mountain bike and leisure purposes as well as the specific pedals required.

With several types of "cleat" (the type of clip attached to the shoe) available, along with many different styles of shoe, there are lots of options available.

If you're looking to make the jump to a clipless pedal system, make sure you talk to us first. We can guide you through the different types, which is best for your type of cycling and which are better for novices.

Bags & Hydration Packs

As every cyclist knows, being able to take a spare inner tube, a pump, some tyre levers, a multi-tool, a drink, maybe some food, a waterproof jacket, your sunglasses and whatever else you might need requires some expert packing! We stock a wide range of frame bags so you can stash everything you need for a days cycling as easily as possible.

For those requiring a bit more space or more to drink, we stock a great selection of hydration packs. These allow you drink freely from a large "bladder" inside a rucksack via a mouthpiece and connecting hose. These come in many sizes and options, allowing you to take more kit or more drink as required.


Lights are an absolute must when cycling in the evenings. The ability to see and be seen is essential to your safety on your bike. We carry a vast selection of options, from tiny LED lights to massively powerful lights that allow you to go mountain biking off road - at night! These come in all sizes, shapes, colours and prices so call in to see the many options available.


Taking on board the right nutrition when cycling for long periods is vitally important. Long days in the saddle require the right blend of carbohydrates, calories, electrolytes, salts and sugars to keep you performing at your best.

We stock some of top brands in sports nutrition and sell many different options. From pre-prepared drinks and cereal bars, to disolvable hydration tablets and energy gels.